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Creative Writing

Inside Max's Diary - A Mini Journal

Inside Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal

At Max P. Productions we love to write!

If you’ve been searching for a creative way to get your child to continue his/her literary skills throughout the summer look no further than our Summer Creative Writing Adventure utilizing one of our favorite books, “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal.”

Everyday the Nice Lady writes in Max’s Diary about their adventure and then asks a question of the children. Children adore writing alongside Max and feel comfortable expressing themselves. The Diary is a fun and creative way to get children to keep up with their writing and reading skills throughout the summer months.

We all know how important it is for children to keep up with what they’ve learned in school and Max’s Summer Creative Writing Adventure does just that, it helps them maintain their reading and writing skills in an easy, fun, and simple way!

We hope you will join us in Max’s Summer adventure of writing and reading. You can purchase the book at Amazon and get started right away!

Kids won’t even know they’re learning!

If you want to post one of your child’s entries here, please feel free to do so.

Happy Writing!



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  1. Chris Giamatti / Jun 14 2013 2:46 pm

    I am very excited about the creative writing program. the reason why is I see my kids on laptops and games and TV . I think reading is emphasized in school more than writing. This diary looks like alot of fun and they can write and express themselves without it being a school assignment. thanks Max!

  2. maxpproductions / Jun 14 2013 2:52 pm

    Thank you, Chris! We are looking forward to interacting with you and your children.

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