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October 30, 2013 / maxpproductions

5 Household Items You Can Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

5 Household Items You Can Donate to Your Local Animal ShelterEveryone has something in their closet or kitchen cabinets or even under their bed that they can donate to their local animal shelter. This is a great list for those who do not have animals in their home.

If you love animals and want to help, here are 5 household items you can donate today:

1. Paper towels

2. All size batteries

3. Light bulbs

4. Old blankets and towels

5. Laundry detergent

I am sure you have one or even all of the above items sitting in your home, so hop to it and get those goodies over to your local animal shelter. The staff will be glad you dropped by.

Max P. Productions is a children’s book publisher focused on empowering children through story. The information in this article is copyright 2013 Max P. Productions. Use of this article in part or in whole must be granted by Max P. Productions. Please contact us at cs at maxpproductions dot com if you wish to use the content in this article. Thank you.


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