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July 18, 2013 / maxpproductions

Ann-Marie Krahel – Humane Educator and Business Owner

Ann-Marie Krahel and Shelter Animal From SAVE

Ann-Marie Krahel and Shelter Animal From SAVE

I first met Ann-Marie in 2011 when she contacted me about our book “Max the Shelter Dog.” She was reading the book to a group of children at a camp in New Jersey ranging in age from 5 – 16 and wanted to give each of them a copy after she finished reading. Since that time we have remained good friends.


I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation for this interview. I was eager to find out how she began in rescue, her work with children and about her company and how she manages to stay on top of them all and remain excited about what she does every day.


How did you get your start in animal rescue?


Around 2005, I was working at a job I didn’t really enjoy. I saw an ad for a Humane Educator in a local paper, and I applied. I always seem happiest when I’m with kids and animals.

SAVE Animal Shelter

SAVE Animal Shelter


Growing up, were you always interested in working with animals?


I hadn’t always thought about working with them, but I always loved the dogs in my home. There’s some old 8mm video my father shot of me walking around with our little schnauzer, Dandy. I looked so happy. I think the reason I didn’t see myself as an advocate for animals in need is because I didn’t know there were needy animals! I had a sheltered upbringing, and I wish there had been more humane educators back then to increase awareness.


Being that you work in the classroom, what is your overall take on what children think about how we adults are dealing with our homeless animals? Do they have any suggestions for us?


Kids don’t mince words. While they don’t have a lot of influence in the real world, they’re a lot more perceptive than we give them credit for. It’s a very simple thing not to hurt a dog; I think a lot of their amazement comes from the idea that not everyone thinks that way.


Casey, a rescue dog from SAVE

Casey, a rescue dog from SAVE

Do you find any correlation between working with children and working with animals given that both are compassionate at their core?


I think that children have a natural affinity for animals for exactly that reason. Just as pit bulls only become fighters when they’re bred that way, children only lose their compassion when they’re raised to be mean. It’s a wonderful thing to see them interact, and it helps increase understanding for everyone involved.


In your work with children, do you see a better future for our animals with them as our future leaders?


I can only hope. For all my idealism, I know that I’m just one person and there are only so many people I can reach. Still, the ideal is to have compassionate people in positions of influence, and we’ll never get there if we don’t try and try often.


You started Just Paws Pet Nannies, LLC, a pet sitting company in Hillsborough, NJ. What made you start your company?

Just Paws Pet Nannies, LLC

Just Paws Pet Nannies, LLC


It was a natural extension of my work with SAVE. SAVE gets a lot of repeat business by maintaining good relationships with its adoptees’ owners, and we’d often get calls asking for a pet sitter. I decided I would enjoy spending more time with cats and dogs (because I’m a little crazy, I think!) It works quite well, actually; I do more humane education during the school year, but I have free time during the summer and winter, which are times that coincide with many of my clients’ vacations.


You’re doing so many things, what drives you to work as a Humane Educator, and run your own business all at once?


I couldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. I’m honestly quite happy that I get to spend my days doing little things to make lives better. It’s occasionally tiring, of course. There are times when I don’t want to hear another bark or yip for a month! Always, though, when you see a pair of eyes that are thrilled to see yours, it becomes worthwhile.


What is on the horizon for you? Any future plans?


I’m busy enough as is! I think I’ve hit a good place, job-wise. Even if I hit the lottery, I don’t think I’d stop doing exactly what I do, and I’d call that success.


We’d call that success, too! Thank you, Ann-Marie for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. It was a pleasure getting to know you better.


If you’re in the New Jersey area and are looking for a passionate dedicated Pet Sitter please visit Just Paws Pet Nannies, LLC and if you’re looking to welcome a furry friend into your home check out SAVE Animal Shelter.


Max P. Productions is a children’s book publisher focused on empowering children through story. The information in this interview is copyright 2013 Max P. Productions. Use of this interview in part or in whole must be granted by Max P. Productions. Please contact us at cs at maxpproductions dot com if you wish to use the content in this interview. Thank you.


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