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June 18, 2013 / maxpproductions

Daniela Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery – Part 2

Daniela, Ryan and Family

Daniela, Ryan and Family

I was very impressed by how you allowed Ryan to take the lead with the pitch on Shark Tank. You showed him that you trusted him with something so important to both of you. You even mentioned that this was his business giving him full responsibility for it. You projected your confidence onto him and he ran with it and did a fabulous job and ultimately was successful.

Thank you! I would never have been there if it wasn’t for him, not the other way around! It is his baby, and though I help him and support him, I have always felt that the best way for him to learn from it is to let him forge his own path. Barbara and I guide him and give our opinions on things, but ultimately, he gets the final say and we are both there to support him.

What do you think the ingredients are for success?

I think the ingredients for success are to first of all start with a great idea! I think you have to make yourself the “expert” by learning everything you can about it. It doesn’t have to be a fancy idea or a new invention, you just have to make the commitment to be great at it.  Also, you have to love what you do. It’s a great feeling to look forward to getting up every day.

As a child, did your parents play a major role in instilling the confidence that you so effortlessly instill in Ryan?

My dad, especially, always had a lot of confidence in me. He made me want to try new things. My mom was always the voice of reason that made me think of the consequences before doing something. It was a great balance. I try to teach my boys that it’s great to try new things, even if at first you’re not great at them. Everybody falls, it’s all about how you get back up.

My mom has seen us through every step of starting Ryan’s Barkery and is by our side every minute of the day. My dad passed away last year, but I know he is still my biggest fan and I feel him with us always. Coincidentally, we filmed Shark Tank on the first anniversary of his passing, and I have to believe Barbara was not the only angel in the room with us that day.

Does the business take away from everyday family activities and chores?

YES!! I feel like we have been shot out of a cannon! The house can get messy. There are shipping boxes EVERYWHERE. The kids have missed lacrosse practice (sorry Coach!). However, what we have gained has been worth it. The house will still be standing, the boxes will get shipped out. Lacrosse will still be there. We are a family in the bubble of starting a new business. Things will settle down. It will be different than before, and we are grateful for all of it, messy house and all!

Has starting this business enhanced your relationship with your family and brought you closer together or has it caused any stress?

It has brought the boys closer, absolutely! They work together promoting the product on weekends. Ryan’s older brother Nick is a huge help with the computer and in the kitchen. His younger brother Eric is great with the packaging. Of course it has caused some stress, the most difficult thing has been the adjustment from being a stay at home mom to working full time. That has not been easy. The best thing that has come of all of this is that we are so busy, we have less time to be so sad about losing my father. It has really given all of us purpose and he would be so proud and happy for us, especially my mom.

What advice would you give to a parent, or any adult raising a child, about nurturing their child to success and independence? 

I have always supported my boys by letting them try new things. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn’t. I try to let them find their own way. It’s how they discover what truly makes them happy.

The one rule I have as a parent is to never let anyone tell them what they can’t do. If they can dream it, they can do it!

To learn more about Ryan’s Barkery and the tasty treats they offer your animal friends, please visit To read Ryan’s interview click here.

Thank you, Daniela, for sharing your views on success, how you cope with it, and how it has brought your family together. I wish you and your family only the best in your future endeavors. Your dad is watching and celebrating!

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