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June 13, 2013 / maxpproductions

Bonding Over Books

Dad and Daughter Reading

Dad and Daughter Reading

Is there such a thing as bonding over books?

When two people come together to read a book, whether parent and child or two friends, they are venturing into territories unknown and will ultimately emerge as two different people altered by the story. But something else wonderful happens while reading together; a bond is formed.

I am always excited to read a book with a child, especially a book of their choice. I love watching them quickly skim the entire shelf to land on a cover that catches their eye then eagerly snatch the book as if it’s the last one and meticulously investigate the cover, searching with their eyes for that intriguing picture that screams “read me,” then touching the cover to feel what’s inside to ultimately flipping quickly through the pages to, quite honestly, see how long it is, if it has hard words and to assess how many pictures it has. Kids! Aren’t they wonderful?

When they finally come to sit down at the table I love to see the eagerness in their faces for me to read to them and the pride they feel in choosing their own book. Soon enough we are headway into the story. At times, I stop and ask them questions about the characters and how they feel about what is going on. And there are times when they stop me to tell me about a similar situation that happened to them. As we make our way deeper into the story I can feel a sense of comfort and trust emerge from our being together and sharing our experiences. We smile and laugh along the way and at the end we feel a sense of closeness. The next time we see each other we are that much closer until at some point we become best friends. What a feeling!

Reading together is an easy and fun way to get to know someone on a more intimate level, even a family member like a child, or a child getting to know their parent. It’s not intimidating and helps two people relax and focus on the story rather than on things of little significance. As one Dad said, “The feeling of connecting with my daughter through story is amazing. Especially when she is wide-eyed and absorbing what I’m saying. I get to cozy next to her and read, so there is definitely a closeness. She listens to me when reading the story and that’s not always the case otherwise!”

When reading together with a child I find that we are more open to sharing our thoughts and feelings about the characters and how they relate to us, we are more apt to share intimate stories that are conjured up by the characters, we’re able to discuss our relationships with family and friends, and we are excited to talk about our adventures and dreams; things that, in regular conversation or in everyday life, we may not express to each other but when reading together we are more likely to share.

So, yes, I believe we do bond over books and I think it’s fantastic.  What do you think? What are your experiences with reading with a child?

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