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June 11, 2013 / maxpproductions

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Read

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Read

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Read

With so many distractions today, it can be challenging to get our children to read more often than not. I find, though, that in the proper setting and with fun incentives children will read, and, quite honestly, I have learned that they actually love to read. My thought is that when they are surrounded by their peers it may not be “cool” to read but when they are by themselves they are more apt to engage in a fun and thought-provoking book. Besides, reading is a private and personal experience; a time when we can let down our guard and become someone else in another place.

Here are 3 easy ways to get your child to read. It’s simple; no rocket science here!

  1. Read after dinner or after homework and during the week. These are times when they are most likely to be in a different frame of mind, not focused so much on being with their peers.
  2. Offer them books or let them choose books that they want to read. Everyone, including children, want to pick out their own stuff whether it be books, clothes or music. Choosing a book to read is no different than choosing what to wear. They want something that fits their style, interest and will make them happy and feel good.
  3. Offer an incentive or a treat when they finish reading a book. Who doesn’t enjoy a treat?! Dogs do! I do! I love treating myself to something special after I complete a task that is challenging for me. It’s usually in the form of food. For a child, it can be a numerous amount of things. It could be an extra hour added to their curfew, a sleep over with a friend, their favorite food, a toy they’ve been graving, or… The list goes on!

During the summer months we all know that it is even more challenging to get children to pick up a book because they want to be outside playing. In this instance, I would suggest sticking to reading before bed. It’s advantageous and fun to go to bed with whimsical or empowering thoughts based on the book you just read. One tends to wake up in the same frame of my mind as when they drifted off to sleep.

I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any ideas. The more the merrier!

The information in this article is copyright 2013 Max P. Productions. Use of this article in part or in whole must be granted by Max P. Productions. Please contact us at cs at maxpproductions dot com if you wish to use the content in this article. Thank you.


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