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May 23, 2013 / maxpproductions

Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day

It’s getting to be a very special day of the year. Can you tell what day it is by the picture? It’s Father’s Day! Max has been very busy thinking of what kind of presents dads would like to receive. Here is his Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts list!

1) A spiffy new tie (maybe pink or purple for spring).

2) Golf gloves so Dad’s hands are smooth when you’re holding hands.

3) A gift certificate to his favorite barber to make sure Dad always looks his best.

4) A drawn or painted picture of Dad with you to hang up in his office so you’ll never be far from his thoughts.

5) A new umbrella (maybe yellow or blue to go with the tie).

6) Dad’s favorite movie on DVD for you both to watch together.

7) A recipe you’ve found online or in a cookbook and copied into a nice card for a meal you and Dad can create together.

8) A burned cd (Mom can help!) of all the songs you and Dad like to listen to together.

9) A new pair of sunglasses to keep Dad’s eyes shaded when he’s playing with you at the park.

10) And finally, Max recommends his cousin Herbie’s story Herbie Greenthumb to read with Dad before bed. Meet Herbie at:!characters/vstc1=herbie


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