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May 15, 2013 / maxpproductions

Max’s Recipe for Appreciation

Have you ever tried baking cookies and they just don’t come out right? Maybe they aren’t as soft and chewy as you would like, or maybe they are too soft in the middle and burnt at the ends. Baking can be a tricky endeavor! Without the exact amount of ingredients and time, a yummy treat can become a bit of a mess.

Appreciation is a little bit like baking. Time is required, and without just the right ingredients, it can become difficult. Each person has their own recipe for appreciation, based on who they are and what they love. Here’s mine:


. 3 cups Family

. 2 1/2 cups Friends

. 1 cup Books

. 1/2 cup Music

. 3 tablespoons Chocolate


Combine all ingredients into a sunny day. Tell each cup of Family and Friends that you love them at least once in that day. Read 1 cup of Book for at least one hour and listen to 1/2 cup of Music for at least one half hour. Eat exactly 3 tablespoons of Chocolate (maybe a little more) at the end of the day. And voila! I have created my version of appreciation.

What’s your recipe for appreciation?

*Read about Max the Shelter Dog’s Appreciation Recipe in his book “Max Appreciates” at!appreciation


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