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May 8, 2013 / maxpproductions

Compassion is Listening to a Child Read


In a world where loneliness is all too frequently part of a child’s life there is no calculation for the tremendous impact a pet can have. When I was seven years old, my mother and stepfather came home one day with a puppy named Blaze. Blaze had a thick coat of beautiful white fur and the most beautiful bright blue eyes I had ever seen. She was happy and excited and hyper. Years later, one of my favorite pictures is still me with Blaze on our first day together. In my pink Minnie Mouse shirt and a blue dungaree skirt, I am laughing as Blaze jumps on her hind paws to give me kisses. I will always remember our first day together.

As the years passed and I went from being in elementary school to middle school to finally high school, Blaze remained my best friend. Growing up is difficult and children can be awfully mean: Blaze was the one constant in my life that never let me down. If I came home and was in a good mood she would play and read with me. If I came home sad, she would simply rest her paw on my knee or let me snuggle next to her. In this way Blaze taught me compassion. She taught me what it means to care about someone and to take care of them. Whenever I think of Blaze my heart becomes incredibly warm and I remember how important it is to show compassion to others.

Blaze isn’t with me anymore, but I think of her often and I miss her everyday. I love Max the Shelter Dog because Max reminds me of Blaze: happy, excited about life, and a true, loyal companion. To learn more about Max, visit his website To visit Max’s friends, visit


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